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Attentes et line-up hellfest 2023 Danger Zone

As previously announced, Danger Zone will cover the 2023 edition of the Hellfest this year. Of course, we are rather impatient to meet in Clisson, to discover on stage many bands, to shoot right to left the artists and the atmosphere of the festival, and to exchange some words with exciting artists.

But before that, we had to talk to you about our expectations, our anxieties regarding the artists we have been following for several years. As you know, here at Danger Zone, we try to highlight as much as possible the more confidential groups, which we think deserve a real highlight. It is one of the strengths of a large festival of the magnitude of Hellfest. With 5 stages, it is not less than 200 bands present in 4 days of festival.

And of course, the genre of extreme music being varied, it is necessary for all tastes. Thus, we can see as much punk bands as black metal. On the Danger Zone side, we have our preferences according to our musical sensibilities, but we hope that this presentation will show the richness and variety in terms of programming of the Hellfest.

So obviously, we can’t wait to see a Slipknot on stage or to see Iron Maiden again, but the objective here is more to talk about what happens during the day, out of the headlines. The set will be classified by day and then by stage so that it is easier to find it. You will also find at the end of the article, our initial running order plan, which will not necessarily be respected for many reasons (interview timing, photo shooting opportunities, etc).

Thursday, June 15th

programmation hellfest 2023 Danger Zone jeudi

First day of Hellfest. We start with half a day of programming to warm up gently, adapt our eardrums and start to spot ourselves in the huge site of the festival. And even though it’s half a day, the groups present are the best auditory dishes!

CELESTE – 4.30 pm – Valley

We start off smoothly with the French band CELESTE who will defend their black metal tinted with sludge, with their own universe. Lyon released a very powerful album called Assassine(s) in 2022 and we are curious to see what will happen in concert.

It will also be an opportunity to see the evolution of the Valley, which leaves its tent format for an open stage with a new decorum.

Aephanemer – 5.15 pm – Altar

We follow directly in the Altar, with another French band, Aephanemer, who look more in melodic death. We find here all the ultra effective elements of the style, carried by beautiful melodies, and a very effective song. If you like Countless Skies, it should connect you!

Harakiri for the Sky – 7.40 pm – Temple

This time we’re going to Austria, with Harakiri for the Sky’s post-black metal. If you like the genre, its coldness, its progressivity, and necessarily its depressive aspect, you will be served with a group that already has nothing to prove.

The Soft Moon – 9.50 pm – Valley

While the excellent Architects will be on Mainstage 2, our focus will be more on The Soft Moon. If you are a post-punk fan who is looking more at the beginnings of the new wave that will transform into the dark wave, you are in the right place.

Katatonia – 01.05 – Altar

After attending the Kiss Americans’ concert (which we don’t need to present), we had to make a choice between Fishbone and Katatonia, two bands with totally opposite genres. Our final choice is the Swedish formation, with its progressive doom that should put a perfect slap before falling asleep. If you haven’t listened to it yet, take a look at their latest effort, Sky Void of Stars, which is a great success.

Day of Friday, June 16

programmation hellfest 2023 Danger Zone vendredi

Second day of the festival, which, unfortunately, with the many cancellations of different bands, has lost its superb on some aspects of our side, especially regarding the initial expectations of the more confidential formations. On the big names side, we will not fail to go see necessarily Alter Bridge and Rancid who risk offering beautiful moments.

This will be an opportunity for us to discover more bands that we would not necessarily have gone! We have selected some groups to go and see.

Helms Alee – 12.50 pm – Valley

And like every day, we will meet in the Valley to discover the Americans of Helms Alee. What better than a power trio to propose a very fat and nervous heavy rock tinged with sludge, coming from more than one small town little known in the musical scene: Seattle.

Akiavel – 2.20 pm – Temple

Last to arrive, Akiavel will be under the temple to highlight the French scene. If you are looking for melodic death, go and listen to your band and support them in concert because the band, from the south of France, has everything to become a very big representative of the stage in the next few years.

Flogging molly – 7.20 pm – Warzone

We are going to repeal our own rule here, by telling you about a group already recognized. Flogging Molly is with the Dropkick Murphy’s the big representatives of the Celtic punk scene. It will be a real pleasure to see on stage the Californians on a smaller stage of the festival!

Saturday, June 17

programmation hellfest 2023 Danger Zone samedi

The third day of Hellfest 2023 is getting tough. Let it be as much in what we find in the courses that we like very much. between Puscifer, Porcupine Tree, Arch Enemy or Iron Maiden, we are served. And we’re not even talking about the Valley and Temple programming, which is just perfect from start to finish. But we’re going to have to make choices, and here they are.

Nature Morte – 10.30 – Temple

We’ll start the day very smoothly with the Parisians of Nature Morte. A power trio offering a deep, bright and explosive blackgaze. Even if they play first thing in the morning, it will certainly be the first slap of the day. We had the opportunity to welcome them to Rouen a few years ago during a concert of Praïm Faya, and the band, which had not yet released their first album, were damn impressive.

Bloodywood – 11.40 – Mainstage 2

This Saturday day promises to be particularly varied. Turning 180 degrees here with the Bloodywood Indians offering a folk metal of their culture, which, just for the proposal itself, is interesting! We’re also on a morning schedule, so the main stages won’t be too crowded yet.

Zulu – 12.15 – Warzone

On this Saturday day at Hellfest 2023, we will run. As soon as Bloodywood finishes, we have to go directly to Zulu at the Warzone. A group of Californian hardcore to go see urgently, by the energy of the group, but also their themes, which are that of the black community in the United States and their situation and condition. For people who are not gender sensitive, the French of The Dali Thundering Project and their djent will be a very beautiful alternative.

King Buffalo – 12.50 – Valley

After so much energy, we have to calm down a bit. What better than King Buffalo and their psyche rock will come to take us away. Fuzz guaranteed and headbang for a moment that promises to be very pleasant.

Grandma’s Ashes – 4.00 pm – Valley

We finish with the recommendations of the day (before continuing with the heavy artillery of the stage hand) with the stoner power trio of Grandma’s Ashes. And let it be said right away, you will be spellbound by the power of the group. Whether through compositions or musical mastery, everything is done to seduce. We had the opportunity to see them during a previous Guitar Fest by Julien Bitoun and the slap was already present.

We can already announce that an interview with the band is planned!

Sunday, June 18

programmation hellfest 2023 Danger Zone dimanche

Last day of Hellfest! Fatigue will inevitably be very present, and the closing is announced on the mainstages necessarily unavoidable with the triple final composed of Tenacious D, Pantera and Slipknot. The rest of the day will not be the least of the scenes.

Blod – 10.30 – Temple

And to start this day, we will once again go to the side of the Temple to see the Parisian duo of BLÓÐ. What better way to start than a tastefully made doom.

Thundermother – 12.15 – Mainstage 2

To continue the day, we meet on the second mainstage of the Hellfest to go see Thundermother. If you are looking for good “old-fashioned” hard rock, you are at the right door. The Swedish women are in danger of turning everything around and waking everyone up.

Ho99o9 – 12.50 – Mainstage

We continue directly on the mainstages with what will certainly be one of the very big performance of this Hellfest 2023 with Ho999o9! Mixing rap, punk and electro, the band will blow everything in their path.

Legion of Doom – 2.20 pm – Valley

If we don’t know much about this great American band, we at least know the members. And with a lineup composed of guys from Trouble, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Corrosion Of Conformity and Sacred Dawn, we know that what they’re going to offer should be very nice.

Mutoid Man – 5.45 pm – Valley

After so much energy, and a well-deserved break, return to the Valley before continuing the final sprint. The American power trio of Muthoid Man arrive with their hardcore tinged with well fuzzy rock to put down the whole audience.

Our official Hellfest playlist

Obviously, talking about music is good, listening to it is better. Find here our official playlist stamped Hellfest that we made.

And that’s it for our expectations at Hellfest 2023. To follow Danger Zone news during the festival, go to our social networks! And for the more patient, you will discover here after the festival, our daily report as well as the various interviews that we will be conducting in Clisson.

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