Danger Zone Production, is an opening to artistic creation. The desire to do more than just talk about subjects that matters, but also to realize ourselves the content we would like to consume. Here it will be an opportunity to discover different projects under our different hats.

Last release

Pochette Relationships on the radio

Relationships On The Radio (2021)

Relationships on the radio is Danger Zone’s first solo EP. A meeting between folk, the new wave, all telling, over the course of a drive, the story of a transition between two romantic relationships.

  • 5 tracks including 2 covers.
  • composed between 2016 and 2020
  • registered between 2019 and 2021
  • entirely produced in home studio

Our ongoing projects

Danger Zone | Next Album

After Relationships on the radio, Danger Zone is currently working on the production of a new project, eyeing more on progressive rock. The opportunity for Danger Zone production to continue to show its know-how, but also to increase its home studio in terms of hardware.

  • writing
  • Production
  • artistic direction

SRK | next album

SRK is a Havre rapper. Danger Zone productions is working with My3 on his next album.

  • Co-writing
  • Production
  • help to the artistic direction

Album release in 2023

Nos autres projets

The Unknown Bluesman

Docu-fiction, 15 min, 2016/2017

Writing, composition, editing, voice-over, subtitling

We collaborated with

Praïm Faya - Native

Praïm Faya (2019-2020)

Praïm Faya is a Rouen extreme metal band (influences: gojira, lamb of god…) currently signed by Mystyk Prod. After a first EP in 2020, with an accompaniment of Danger Zone Production, the band will release in 2023 a first album.

  • Management
  • Production assistant (organization, project management)
  • Sound ingeneering (EP – Native) at Studio de la Vimondière
  • artistic direction helps (visual, music)

EP released in 2021 by Seasons of Myst

Our services

We accompany you throughout the production of your album from the mock-up phase to the release of your album/EP/Single on platforms and/or in physics.

Are you missing a guitar track or a specific keyboard? You want a different rendering than your virtual instruments? We can offer you a custom partition.

You have made your recordings, but you don’t know where to turn to have a mix to match the project? Danger Zone is here to offer you a result that meets your requirements.

You have your melody and your guitar, but you don’t know how to direct your music? We accompany you during this process to leave you the hand also on the direction of your project.

Don’t know what equipment to buy? Don’t know where to start your home-studio constitution?

Danger Zone offers you completely free to answer your questions.

We don’t do Mastering!

Thing to know, if you call on us for any project, we do not do mastering. We will nevertheless offer you in our quotations the prices of several mastering studio that we will contact for you.

You have a project and you want to be accompanied? do not hesitate to contact us!

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