About us

Promote, create, exchange

Since 2017, Danger Zone has been working to promote culture as a whole, with a major focus on music and film.

Our desire: to promote original proposals, developing groups, local initiatives. For this, we come to meet those who make culture today, whether they are musicians, directors, content creators, or event organizers. The idea is to show the human behind creation.

In 2023, Danger Zone launched the new version of the site with the objective of further developing the site and launching an English version of it, in order to further promote the artists of tomorrow. An ambitious version, and more in line with what we had always wanted to do.

But Danger Zone is not just a webzine, but also solutions for musical productions and cultural communication. The ultimate goal, to be a companion to the talents of tomorrow.

They worked with us

Jazz in Marciac, le festival international du court métrage, Hyppocampus, Speedons, la coopérative de Mai, PIAS, Nuclear Blast, Dominos Record, Ephelide, Mensch Agency, Speedons…

Who’s behind Danger Zone?

Antoine Rogé-Picard


A journalist since 2015, a freelance communicator and music producer, Antoine decided to launch Danger Zone in 2017 with the idea of promoting culture, local and national initiatives, and proposing his vision of journalism, without concession but with passion.

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